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UV Air Purifiers

Your indoor air quality has a direct effect on your comfort and you can have more control of it

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UV Air Cleaning & Installation Service Air cleaning and purification is an important part of improving and preserving your comfort at home. After all, there are many different pollutants and potential allergens that can compromise the air quality in your home, including: particulate matter such as dust, pollen and animal dander; organisms such as molds, bacteria and viruses; and gaseous pollutants that come from cleaning products, pesticides and more. That's why indoor air pollution is considered one of the top five environmental health risks. Fortunately, you have the power to do something about your home’s indoor air and it all starts with giving us a call for our air quality specialist. We'll guide you through the air quality systems available. That includes whole-home solutions such as the increasingly popular UV (ultraviolet) air purifier, the benefits, the cost and why it’s the perfect choice for you home. UV light air cleaners at a glance - A UV air cleaning system, sometimes referred to as a “blue light” air cleaner, is installed into the ductwork of your HVAC system. - Installing a UV light for your HVAC system can strengthen any existing filtration and purification setup. - An air purifier with UV light can bolster your protection because microorganisms often slip through filters, allowing them to recirculate though the air and multiply. - UV air cleaning equipment can practically eliminate germs inside your ventilation system, significantly improving the air delivered throughout your home. - Adding this technology to your home's HVAC can bring you numerous benefits, including a reduction in allergy symptoms, a lower risk of dangerous black mold growth, and even a decrease in unpleasant odors. - This type of purification works quickly to improve indoor air quality, with many people reporting an improvement in their allergies within 48 hours of installation.

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